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What is the cost of apartments in Yerevan? Now in many cities there is a large number of different housing, we decided to put together for you a list of apartments with the highest rating 9 and higher, we regularly check below listing apartments, if the rating goes down we remove these apartments.

Also check useful info by clicking prices in Yerevan for 2022 and the current currency rates. Apartments prices in Yerevan city depend on the season and distance from the main landmarks, prices will change, prices peak in June, July, August. All accommodation listed on

Apartments in the center of Yerevan

Updated: 31.07.2022

Arch Apart Hotel - from 36,000 AMD
Lono Family - from 20,000 AMD
RIS Central Apartments Yerevan - from 18,000 AMD
4-bedroom Apartment in Northern Avenue - from 31,000 AMD
Wonderful apartment in Republic square, city center - from 27,000 AMD
Park Apartments by Picnic - from 25,000 AMD
Yerevan-Sky with terrace - from 50,000 AMD
My Apartments Yerevan - from 28,000 AMD
Central Yerevan 2 Bedrooms Exclusive Apartment, Small Center - from 39,000 AMD
Art Apart 101 - from 20,000 AMD
Cascade Apartment in the centre - from 31,000 AMD
Apartments on Mashtots by Picnic - от 25,000 AMD
Mesrop Mashtots Avenue, 2 room apartament - from 20,000 AMD
Welcome Yerevan Apartments - from 30,000 AMD
Panorama Resort&Suites - from 65,000 AMD
City Central Apartment - from 35,000 AMD
Apartment 2 - from 15,000 ADM
Lily's Apartment - from 17,000 AMD
Lily`s Loft - from 18,000 AMD
D&H Group - from 35,000 AMD
vacation home - from 14,000 AMD
Luxury Apartment in Republic Square - from 54,000 AMD
Northern Avenue Apartment - from 27,000 AMD
Suite Apartment on Pushkin street - from 24,000 AMD
Apartment 2 floors + - from 15,000 AMD
AM Apartments - from 23,000 AMD
Lux Apartment - from 35,000 AMD
Armenak Apartment in Aram str - from 34,000 AMD
City Center Apartment on Sayat Nova street - from 22,000 AMD
North Avenue Loft Apartments - from 48,000 AMD
Cascade Residence - from 35,000 AMD

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